Non-transplant donors give life to medical research and training. Every donation helps current surgeries, medicines and even general medical practices. Together, we are helping people suffer less in the future.


cropped-cropped-bb21ed6d8a77dc73519e61afc64c4b8c-png-600x600-3.png Supporting Surgeons

Local and world renowned Surgeons perfect their skill and continue to learn through practicing real life surgeries on donors. When a complicated surgery is required for a living person, the surgeon will often practice on a non-transplant donor first. Life improving, and even life saving surgeries, have become safer and more advanced because of non-transplant body donation!


cropped-cropped-bb21ed6d8a77dc73519e61afc64c4b8c-png-600x600-3.png Supporting Doctors

Injections for various pain relief, critical care training and even as common as “blood draw” are practiced on the corresponding areas of the body. Help advance medicine and training for doctors that will help countless people! 


Some of the drug discovery being done:

  1. Dementia
  2. Alzheimer’s
  3. COPD
  4. Diabetes
  5. High Blood Pressure
  6. Thyroid Cancer
  7.  Uterin Cancer
  8. Skin Cancer
  9. Lung Cancer
  10. Liver Cancer
  11. Kidney Cancer
  12. Prostate Cancer
  13. Osteoporosis
  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis

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