Family Reviews

Meaningful Reviews!

Niven Family

Dear Larissa and The Meaningful Donation Team, what a presentation! So many personal touches that made me smile – from a prism jewel and the flower seeds to a fish, socks, rose. A huge THANK YOU.

Wofford Family

You all did an amazing job of making it special. It has been a blessing to work with you.
Thank you so much for everything.

Kendzior Family

Hi Larissa and team,

We received the package today. Thank you. You are amazing, thank you for making such a difficult thing a little easier.
We appreciate you working with my mom, so she did not have to choose between donation and participation in the traditions of her faith.
The packages are so cheerful…. such a nice touch.

Muhlrad Family

We received the Pending DC in today’s mail, safe, sound, and unfolded.  My daughters and I appreciate the extra effort you went through to make the sad delivery a little more cheerful for them. Thank you so much for your kindness, Larissa. 💕

Blessinger Family

You have been wonderful to work with-thank you.

Slack Family

Thank you for the lovely & thoughtful packaging, poem & rose petals.

Tulchin Family

Thank you so much Larissa! You and your company have done an amazing job! You have definitely made this transition more manageable. Thanks for all the support!

Zerby Family

Thank you so much for everything.  As always you guys to a phenomenal job.

Ozolins Family

 I want to express my thanks and gratitude of your thoughtfulness and attention to detail, this endeavored will truly memorialize my mother. Again, thank you.

Cordle Family

I got the box and thank you so much , I needed that little pick up and I absolutely love the little angel its beautiful! Thank you so much again and I hope this finds you doing well.

Sorheim Family

You and the family of Meaningful Donations are an amazing and compassionate group! I appreciate you and your team for the comfort and peace you have given my family.
My father’s ashes arrived in a beautifully decorated box! The personal message and the tribute you gave my father was touching. Thank You All!

Moore Family

How can I even begin to thank you and your team for the impact you’ve made in our lives? From our first conversation, you set us at ease. You leveraged your natural gift for Empathy, communicating clearly and consistently through the entire process, bringing peace to our minds during a time of grief, anxiety, and stress. You have a natural gift for Intuition, as evidenced in the thoughtful care package you created. Each item you included was something that was personally meaningful to the loved one we lost. I don’t know how you did that, but it resonated so beautifully that it allowed our tears to finally flow. Your natural gift of Presence meant that you could tell when we needed a phone conversation, more information, or just an inspiring message with kind words – and you responded with just the right response at the right time, delivered in the right way. You and your team have provided more than just a service, you’ve created the space to help our hearts heal. We are eternally grateful.

Erickson Family

Thank you so much Larissa!!

Swiercinsky Family

Thank you so very much. You have been more than gracious and a great comfort. Thank you so very much for your kindness and caring.

Shepard Family

I just wanted you to know everything was so beautiful! I really appreciate everything you did for my family! Really means a lot to me, thank you!

Monge Family

The Cremation box is absolutely beautiful.. She would love it. Thank you so very much. 

Bach Family

I did receive everything as you stated and more.  What a wonderful way to present her remains!!  I truly appreciated it.  You handled everything with so much care.  Very nice and so very helpful.  I have nothing but high praises for you and your company. Quite Sincerely, __.

Clements Family

I cant thank you enough. I have been telling everyone about you and your company, you are so awesome! 💕 As a mom I can’t thank you enough for the dignity that you have showed my daughter and to us. Again thank you for all your help. ___ would be proud.

Mathews Family

The Cremation box looks great, 😊 he would be proud! Thank you for everything! 😊

Micheletti Family

Larissa, I want to thank you so very much. The service you and your family provide and the way you go above and beyond in making it a beautiful, loving experience means so much. Thank you, with much love and appreciation.

Riggs Family

The Cremation box was beautiful. I wanted to say thanks for all you did. It was nice how fast your company showed up, and the respect for __ was amazing. It was wonderful working with you.

Conroy Family

Thanks so much for checking on me and for your kindness. Thank you for everything Larissa, you have been a joy to work with. I am blown away by the care and respect you have shown our family.You truly make a difference and you bring light to an otherwise dark and sad situation. Your service is impeccable, warm and thoughtful. I am so impressed by your organization! That is awesome that certificates are on the way already!! The box with the flowers adornment is lovely. You make us feel loved and we don’t even know you. What a gift you have. Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you so much Larissa. You have been so awesome. Truly an angel… heaven sent.

Simpson Family

Thank you for all of your support. Thank you very much. 🙂

Wright Family

Larissa, We did receive the flowers, They are absolutely beautiful. I can’t thank you enough. You made a very sad and stressful time so much easier for us to spend time on the important things. The company my grandmother originally picked made things nearly impossible. For the last 15 years she was very passionate about donating her body to science. She would say things like “If my body can help someone learn to replace the knee of my granddaughter, that will be worth it.”  If it weren’t for you’re ability to step in and help us with everything I don’t know that we would have been able to follow through her wishes. Thank you for your kindness and help.

Sapin Family

Thank you very much for accommodating the specific urn and the gift package. We really appreciate it!

Weimer Family

You have been amazing through this process! Thank you!!!

Ellison Family

Thank you so much for everything! 🙂

Brooks Family

My sister and me believe MD was outstanding. We are very pleased with your service.

Cavalli Family

If I had to script what to do with my dad after he passed and honor his wishes, I could not have asked for a more compassionate process than what you did, and carried out the past few weeks. You have made this process easier for us, and that means everything.

Johnson Family

Larissa, thank you for all you have done and will do!!

Dostal Family

Larissa, It was so nice to meet you & I appreciate the personal delivery of such cherished items. I was expecting FedEx or a postman would be ringing my doorbell, so was surprised & delighted to see you at my door. The caring thought that went into the packaging was obvious & the care package was a very nice touch. I love the smell of lavender! Thank you for all that Meaningful Donations has done to make this difficult time a little easier!

Carabello Family

There’s nothing I would change about your service, you all are the best! I can’t tell you how meaningful this was to me and my family. Thank you and bless you.

Chavez Family

Thank you Larissa. Everything was so beautiful!! Thank you again for all you have done!! You all we’re exceptionally kind and treated us so gently. Thank you for providing so much comfort to people!

Woods Family

You guys have seriously been the best. I have no point of reference for this kind of process, but you should know we have so many friends and family that have elected this is what they would like done with their bodies after passing because of the care, love and support you have shown our family. Thank you for always checking in, I know I don’t always respond with needs but your emails mean everything. Thank you for treating mom such such dignity and celebration through all phases of this process, you have been providing me comfort and assurance that I didn’t know I would need.
Thank you thank you!

Henderson Family

Thank you for your support of my family!

Lambeth Family

How would you rate your experience with us? Great
Would you recommend us? Yes
Please share any comments about your personal experience: M.D. Global made the whole process wonderful. Instead of dealing with the multitude of issues a death brings to family. we were able to focus on healing.
Many Thanks.
Was there anything we could have done better? You were a godsend, we have nothing to add to your practice.

Thomas Family

How would you rate your experience with us? Great
Would you recommend us? Yes
Please share any comments about your personal experience: Very Helpful. Larissa was a great help and sympathetic to our needs. We never felt rushed or anything to make decisions. As we wait for all of the family to come together for a memorial, she is still there for us which took a lot of pressure off me which gave me more time to make all the other arrangements needed.
Was there anything we could have done better? Not that I can think of.

Stoltenberg Family

How would you rate your experience with us? Great
Would you recommend us? Yes
Please share any comments about your personal experience: Your service is a lovely alternative to other options, especially for those donors who wanted to donate their organs but couldn’t due to their cancer.
Was there anything we could have done better? No.

Mears Family

How would you rate your experience with us? Great
Would you recommend us? Yes
Please share any comments about your personal experience: I was treated with such compassion. Larissa always called me back and was there for us.
Was there anything we could have done better?
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