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Mission & Purpose

The fundamental nature of Meaningful Donation is to help people during their time of need and to bring simplicity and compassion to a difficult time of life. We want to be a source of comfort, bringing personalized care into the important choice of non-transplant body donation. We provide Colorado Families with no cost funeral services that include; Transporting the Deceased; Cremation; Keepsake Urns; Death Certificate; Care Package for the Family; and a Donation to Charity, of choice, in Memory of the deceased.

Meaningful Difference!

  • We focus on Colorado training/research labs! Almost all donors used for science are returned to the MD facility, for final disposition at our preferred crematory (with some exceptions for research).

  •  Our staff occasionally watches over the donor during medical labs to ensure our Meaningful Guidelines are always upheld by our medical partners.

  • We adorn each cremation box prior to cremation with fresh local flowers. Every Custom Cremation Box is unique and beautiful.

Click Here to view our Custom Cremation Boxes.

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We focus on the family!

Meaningful Family Support

The fundamental nature of our program is to help people during their time of need and to bring simplicity to a difficult time of life. We want to be a source of comfort and bring personalized care into the important choice of body donation. We hope our meaningful services (Custom Adorned Cremation Box, Keepsake Urns, Care Package, Donation to Charity) provide a more supportive grieving process.

Meet the Family

 Larissa Pohorily, Founder/CEO.


Larissa has always had a passion for medicine and helping people. After battling cancer at the age of 5, Larissa knew she wanted a career in the medical profession, helping others. Her first work experience was volunteering with the Hospice of the Valley, in Phoenix, AZ. After working a corporate job, Larissa decided to join her father in the field of non-transplant body donation. Her father became ill and his near death experience was the impetus to the creation of Meaningful Donation.

 Larry Pohorily, Co-Founder/Anatomist.


Larry was born in France, immigrated to the United States, and became a U.S. Citizen in 1971. He was offered a job at Good Samaritan Hospital assisting in autopsies. He remained with this hospital for 18 years. There is a small museum at Good Samaritan Hospital with Larry’s work of plastination and the human anatomy. He was then approached by Science Care and was the Lab Director for a number of years. After a long journey, his work with anatomy has transformed into a Meaningful Legacy/Company, founded by family.

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