The Donation Process

1. Death will be confirmed and reported to hospice care or emergency personnel.

2. Meaningful Donation (MD) will be contacted by hospice, caregiver or family.

3. A first call data questionnaire will be taken over the phone.

4. MD family coordinators will explain our sign up process with the family.

5. MD will arrange for transporting the deceased from the place of death to the MD facility.

6. Recovery of tissues will be matched with medical researcher’s requests, tissue not utilized for research will then be cremated.

7. During the donation process we send “Family Tracker Emails” that keep the family informed every step of the way.

8. Within three weeks, the family will receive the death certificate. Within five weeks, the family will receive the Cremains, Keepsake Urn and a Meaningful Care Package (if requested).

9. After seven weeks, we will check in with the family’s grieving process and take a satisfactory survey. We will also make the Donation to a Charity in Memory of.

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