Neurological Brain Research

The Human Brain and Spinal Fluid Resource Center partners with Meaningful Donation to provide high quality, well-characterized human post-mortem tissue for the research community. Meaningful Donation is the only organization that provides tissue with detailed medical background and proper storage protocols necessary to retain the integrity of the anatomical brain structures necessary to move research forward. Only with the continued efforts from Meaningful Donation, we can then provide the end-users the specimens needed for important research discoveries to understand, prevent, diagnose, and/or treat many brain conditions and disorders.

Meaningful Differences:

  • No Shipping Donors for Medical Training’s – Only Personal Delivery/Pickup.  (Other Than Organs for Research).
  • No 3rd Party Storage – Donors Are Always Returned to Meaningful Donation. (Other Than Organs for Research).
  • No 3rd Party Disposal – We Always Cremate the Donors With A Respectable Crematory.

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